26-28 September, 2019


The digital transformation of a country is a critical step in ensuring its advancement and securing its future.

The Dates Hackathon is an initiative designed to inspire innovative solutions in the dates and agricultural industry by creating a competitive environment and providing industry experts to support the participants.

The Dates Hackathon targets creative minds of programmers, 3D design experts and agricultural experts throughout the Kingdom. Teams of three to six will take on the challenge of solving real problems related to the dates and agriculture industry.

Hackathon Focus


- Solutions that increase the production of dates

- Solutions that increase the sales of dates locally and internationally

- Innovative solutions in marketing and selling dates

Innovative Agriculture

- High level palm tree and dates intelligence reports

- Detection and prevention of agricultural diseases and pests

- Solution that utilizes latest technologies to manage operations

Environmental Protection & Regulation

- Generating sustainability and natural resources usage reports

- Solutions that utilizes latest technologies to monitor the use of pesticides in farms

- Innovative solutions in recycling processing date waste

Smart Water Usage

- Innovative solutions that reduce the consumption of water

- Solutions using IoT technology to detect water leaks and manage irrigation

- Smart solutions to increase the efficiency of water use


- Solutions using modern techniques for warehosue and storage management

- Commercial fraud detection solutions

- Solutions that improve freight efficiency and customer satisfaction

Who Can Participate?


Computer scientists, software engineers, computer engineers, and individuals that have experience in programming.

3D Designers

Mechanical engineers and individuals who have experience in 3D printing and 3D design using softwares such as Solid Works, Fusion 360, 3Ds Max and others.

Electronics Experts

Electrical engineers, computer engineers, system engineers, and individuals who have experience in creating embedded systems using hardware such as Arduinos, Raspberry Pis, XBees, and Sensors.

Agricultural Experts

Individuals who have experience in farming and understand agricultural concepts that are involved in growing dates.


Individuals with startup experience.

Program Outcomes

Specialized training workshops in emerging technologies and entrepreneurship

Prizes values at 60,000 Saudi Riyals for the top three teams

The opportunity to be nominated to join boot camps, acceleration / incubation programs by our unique partners


1st Place

SR 30,000

2nd Place

SR 20,000

3rd Place

SR 10,000



31 August, 2019

Registration Begins

21 September, 2019

Registration Ends

22 September 2019

Filtration & Nomination Begins

24 September 2019

Announce the Accepted Teams


26 September, 2019

Start of Hackathon

28 September, 2019

End of Hackathon

Closing Ceremony

Judging Criteria

Solution Readiness




Use of Technology


Business Commercialization